From start to finish, planning your wedding is no easy task.  They often say beauty is in the details and I am a firm believer of that!! Although I am a wedding photographer, my role goes so much deeper.  From the moment you book with me, we will sit down and go over how you see your day going, we will curate a timeline for the day, together, and stay in touch throughout this planning journey.  When the big day comes, I'll be there documenting the day as we talked about, I'll also be your advocate, your shoulder to cry on, I may cry myself when you walk down the aisle and see your groom for the first time, I'll be the person who will round everyone up for your cake cutting, and the person who eats 4 pieces of that cake (perks of the job).   

it's all about

the details

What I am saying, is that I will be there for you through out this process.  You've planned this day for months and the DETAILS matter! Let's sit down with some coffee and go over collections, what fits your day, and expectations you may have.  For the full information on wedding day collections, please use the contact page to reach out.  I look forward to taking the first step in documenting your love story! Lets make magic happen! 

Savanna Sutton




Having an elopement?  Savanna Sutton Photography will quote your elopement based on your needs.  Please reach out to me for your custom package.


Savanna Sutton Photography offers 3 collections.  Each collection can be customized or you can create a custom wedding day package from scratch that fits your day! Get in touch and I'll go over the details of each collection.


Savanna Sutton Photography offers custom engagement photography packages.  Each session begins at $125.  Additional items can be added to create the most unique experience.


Custon: please contact me